I recently graduated from the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art studying my honours degree in Time Based Art & Digital Film.

As an artist, my practice explores the connection between internal and external space. My work mostly encompasses the mediums of performance, sound, photography, sculpture and installation. This year I have been investigating places with resonance, revealing how we are transformed through the spaces we inhabit. As part of this journey I visited ancient sites across Scotland, looking at the very first architectural monuments, which take form as chambered tombs and sites of ritual in the land. Within these sites I produced a series of performances using my voice as an echo chamber, connecting the internal walls of my body with the external walls of the space I resonate in. My art is inspired by my experiences and is sculpted as a space of reflection. We will inhabit it for a moment, but it inhabits us forever…

As well as my individual practice, I am also interested in forming and being part of creative collectives. In the past I have also been involved in community arts projects, arts festivals and events that bring artists and non-artists together. If you are interested in my work and would like to get in touch then please contact me at: sylvia_anna_law@yahoo.co.uk