I have exiciting news! I have been awarded the John Kinross Scholarship to go and stay in Florence to do artistic research. This is a wonderful opportunity to return to Italy and explore a different culture and country. The scholarship is awarded to 10 Scottish artists each year to support and influence their creative practice.

I am planning to go and stay there from early September to early November. Once the festival is over and the streets of Edinburgh return to normality, I think it will present the perfect time to begin my own journey away from the city….Interestingly, Florence is Edinburgh’s twin city and has been since the 1960’s, so there is already  a link between these two spaces.

I still haven’t been able to go away since leaving art college, so this will be a great opportunity to fly away and be immersed in a completely different world for a while. As well as enjoying the Italian culture and sunshine, I will be also embarking on an artistic journey as the scholarship funds you to develop your creative practice. John Kinross himself travelled to the city in his early career and has since named it one of the most beautiful and influenrial cities for its trmemdous art and architecture. It was because of this experience that the scholarhsip exisits to give this opporunity to other emerging artists. This is going to be a really excitng journey and a great oportunity to unravel and start making new work and research after my very full on final year and degree show.

I have already had a few ideas of what I would like to do with my time out there, which is continuing to visit sacred and historic monuments around Italy. Whilst there, I want to travel and visit their vast architecural creations, all their wonderful cathedrals and baptistarties. I am looking to push my artistic direction in my investiogations on human resonance and look more deeply at the identity of these buildings in relation to the people who made them and who have existed inside and through them. I believe that the faith of the people who built them and the rituals which have taken place inside the spaces hold a great resonance in themselves. This time, I would like to focus more on human rituals in relation to the human body and how we relate this to architecture and space. This will be the beginnings to my artistic journey in Florence…

I have set up a blog especially to document this process and journey, so if you wish to follow it then please look on this site: